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Arad Luxenburg is a unique boutique law firm focusing on real estate, corporate and commercial law and providing its clients with first-rate professional services in a friendly environment. The firm offers its clients professional excellence and personal attention across a wide spectrum of business legal services, and has earned a reputation for closing deals quickly and efficiently.

The firm takes a creative and original approach to complex commercial, business and legal issues, and possesses both intimate knowledge of local markets and a clear understanding of global business. The firm’s clients receive invaluable assistance with all their local and international business dealings and transactions, providing strategic and tactical advice throughout the negotiations process. The firm’s lawyers also help clients identify exciting new business opportunities.

Clients include some of the most successful businesspeople and corporations in Israel. They range from national and multinational corporations, to financial institutions, low-tech and high-tech industries, private corporations and individual entrepreneurs and investors.

Arad Luxenburg prides itself on retaining a home-firm feel and providing personal attention to clients across the board. The legal staff consists of talented, hardworking and experienced professionals who aim to help clients achieve all their objectives with a minimum of fuss.

The firm’s lawyers are alumni of first-rate universities in Israel, the U.K and the Netherlands and hold advanced degrees in international, commercial and corporate law. All the lawyers are members of the Israeli Bar Association. The combination of warm personal relationships, top-notch legal expertise, sound business advice and proven entrepreneurial skills make it possible to assure that clients enjoy a superior edge in the world of business. 

Israel - Tel-Aviv Offices
Tel: (972) 3 6915440
Facsimile: (972) 3 6915777
Triangle Tower, Floor 28
3 Azrieli Center
Tel-Aviv 67023, ISRAEL
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